Field of application

The OXY4Pro software serves for diagnostics of muscular oxygen saturation thresholds ST1 and ST2, as well as the long-term and comparative analysis of the thresholds. With the aid of the software the parameters measured using the NIRS/VIS methods can be read from the DR2 hardware, and the related data are displayed, analyzed and documented live.

An export interface to the performance diagnostics software winlactat of the company mesics serves for further evaluation options.

Who would use the OXY4Pro software?

Our target clientele includes Olympic training centres, universities, sports physicians and professional coaches.

Overview of the OXY4Pro software

The software offers five main features:

  • Import and parallel display of all parameters of up to 4 DR2 sensors
  • Analysis
  • Comparison
  • Documentation (print/export)

The Analysis is made by manually setting markers at the aerobic and anaerobic threshold (ST1, ST2).

In Comparison mode diagnostics can be displayed in longitudinal and cross section. This way, all time- and person-related threshold developments can be monitored.

Documentation includes summaries of the results (individual analysis/comparison) which are stored in the database. For statistical evaluation the data can also be exported to common file formats.