Field of application

The OXY DR1 set serves for measurement and analysis of SmO2, THI, pulse rate, pulse index and PRV parameters by means of NIRS/VIS methods. The integration with the conventional methods lactate threshold test and spiroergometry results in comprehensive sports medical performance diagnostics enabling threshold analysis and deriving recommendations regarding training schedules, intensities as well as monitoring and documentation.

The hardware consists of a sensor directly located on the skin above the working muscles so that OXY DR1 can be used both in laboratories and in ongoing training.

Who uses the OXY DR1 Set?

The hardware and software comprises special performance diagnostics components and is therefore designed for use in sports medicine. Our target clientele includes Olympic training centres, universities, sports physicians and professional coaches. OXY DR1 can be used both in research but also in planning and monitoring training sessions.
Important: Currently, the sensor is not certified according to German MPG (Medical Devices Act). Hence, diagnostics are limited to the common, non-clinical recommendations regarding sporting activities in the context of performance diagnostics.

Scope of delivery

The full-featured OXY DR1 hardware and software set consists of:
• 1-4 x OXY DR1 NIRS/VIS sensors for measurements on several persons or several parts of the body
• 1 x OXY DR1 analysis software license, compatible with commonly used spiroergometry and lactate threshold test equipment of various manufacturers

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Note: When using additional resistance equipment, ergometers or GPS systems the load parameters required for diagnostics (power or velocity) can be determined. These are not part of the OXY DR1 set.