In the field of sports, training monitoring and analysis are as important as the training itself. Until now, a comprehensive monitoring and reliable evaluation of training sessions were limited to professional athletes and to systematic clinical diagnoses.

We want to change that!

As a driver of innovation in performance monitoring, we have developed the TrainOXY™ system to replace the inconvenient measuring methods used in high-tech laboratories with a simple, easily understandable and mobile system. Thereby, we enable athletically ambitious people to monitor their training themselves.

Continuous Monitoring of Training Sessions

TrainOXY™ is easy to handle and versatilely applicable, as the measuring process is non-invasive and the instrument is small. An efficient and ruggedized sensor ensures stable and reliable measurements. The sensor is capable of measuring multiple parameters in real-time. This allows continuous monitoring during a training session.

Focused Training Control for Maximum Individuality

Through the use of TrainOXY™, metabolic reactions to the internal muscle strain can be measured directly and the individual training can be effectively controlled. It is beneficial to use TrainOXY™ as an additional threshold indicator, especially in the areas of lactate and spiroergometric performance diagnostics. Thus, our system guarantees a maximum individuality when developing training routines – both as a coach and as an athlete.

Documentation of Success

The TrainOXY™ app can be used according to your needs on any smart devise or PC. It monitors your training performance in real-time, stores all data for a long-term analysis and, by these means, documents your success.

Read more about the system in our TrainOXY™ flyer.