The technology of TrainOXY™ is based upon the latest research in the field of spectroscopic measuring methods. A multi-spectral sensor is attached to the skin directly over the underlying stressed muscle in order to optically gather physiological data from the tissue beneath it.

Using near-infrared technology (NIRS) it is possible to carry out non-invasive mobile real-time measurement of oxygen saturation in the skeletal muscles. This might seem odd at a first glance but it is not. In very simple terms it means that it only takes light shining through the muscles in order to determine the metabolic state of the muscles with the aid of a sensor. In addition to oxygen saturation parameters such as haemoglobin index, pulse rate and pulse index can be measured and become an integral part when planning and evaluating training activities. Compared to pure lactate threshold measurement and heart rate belt measurements this provides for a quick but holistic view of the physical and muscular state. An individual value like the heart rate is subject to variations due to form on the day, nutrition and so on. Meaningful results can only be achieved if considered in the context of other values. Other than traditional measurement methods like spiroergometry and lactate diagnostics, NIRS technology allows gathering details of metabolic reactions where they occur – in the muscle.

The collected information is transferred wirelessly to a receiving device (Smartphone, Tablet, PC) in order to be processed by the TrainOXY™ app. The intuitive interface shows the parameters relevant for an extensive performance monitoring. Thus, the system allows for a comprehensive, mobile, continuous, reliable and easy physiological monitoring of your individual training.