The OXY4 GmbH was incorporated in August 2015. The partnering companies are innobu GmbH, mesics GmbH, MUERITZ-TRUST GmbH, and SpekLED GmbH. Their CEOs contribute extensive knowledge, know-how and dedication to OXY4.

This is our team:

Niels A. Schuldt OXY4

Niels A. Schuldt (innobu) serves as the Chief Executive Officer of OXY4 GmbH and has extensive experience in sports sciences and international brand sales and marketing. He brings the areas of sports science and economic aspects together.


Dr. Axel Kulcke OXY4

Dr. Axel Kulcke (SpekLED) has developed products based on 2D spectroscopy and photometry for a variety of industrial sectors and has successfully led and implemented several projects in these areas. He has an extensive knowledge of physical chemistry, sports science and medicine and is at consultatory disposal for the OXY4 GmbH.


Joachim Magera OXY4

Joachim Magera (mesics) has particular expertise in the areas of sports medical laboratory equipment, lactate diagnostics, spiroergometry and software development. He also has a comprehensive distribution network in the sports sector. For this reason, he functions, on the one hand, as the Chief Technical Officer of OXY4 and manages in this role the implementation and development of our sensors. On the other hand, he is responsible for the direct product distribution and intensive support of our partners and professional customers, too.


Alex Deitermann OXY4

Alex Deitermann (tailorlux) has many years of experience in the development of optical materials and technical plagiarism protection. At OXY4, he is responsible for the corporate development and the corresponding establishment and maintenance of strategic cooperations and customer relations.