innobu GmbH

Innobu was founded to develop and market innovative and fast moving technologies in a wide spectrum of business sectors. Currently, innobu is active in the field of fitness and sports. For that, the company leans back on a sound national and international network in mass sports and competitive sports.


SpekLED is devoted to the development and distribution of optoelectronic components and systems as well as the consulting and administration, which goes along with it. Additionally, the company supports developments in the area of spectroscopy, spectral imaging, fast color camera systems and technological illumination devices. SpekLED also works at the development of a hyperspectral camera system which is being transitioned to serial production.


Tailorlux, with its ground-breaking products and application solutions, is an innovator in the field of progressive fluorescent technology. It sets the pace concerning the development in that field and in the area of product inherent anti-plagiarism safety measures.


Mesics is an independent developer of software for performance diagnostics, training planning and device control. Its customers usually are Olympic training centers, universities, physicians, sports scientists, fitness centers and trainers.